Breast Surgery - Surgical Specialists of Greater NY
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Breast Surgery

Breast cancer affects all people but is more common in women. Most people with breast cancer undergo breast surgery to remove the cancerous tissue. At Surgical Specialists of Greater NY, with offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Astoria area of Queens, and Bayside neighborhood in Flushing, the team of board-certified surgeons diagnose, treat, and follow breast cancer for all ages and sexes. For expert care from an experienced team, call the New York City office most convenient to you or schedule an appointment through the online booking tool.

Who needs breast surgery?

Breast surgery is one of the primary treatments for breast cancer. The team at Surgical Specialists of Greater NY diagnose and treat breast cancer for people of all ages and needs.

During a visit at the office, your surgeon reviews your medical and family history and performs a physical and breast exam. They may also review diagnostic images and tests from your other providers.

To confirm a diagnosis and determine the best treatment option for you, your surgeon may request additional testing, such as a breast ultrasound or breast MRI. They may also perform a breast biopsy to examine your abnormal breast tissue.

The information helps them design your personal surgical plan so you get the best outcomes.

What are the types of breast surgery?

There are two main types of breast surgery: breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy. In addition to breast surgery, the team at Surgical Specialists of Greater NY may also perform lymph node surgery.

Breast-conserving surgery

During breast-conserving surgery, your surgeon removes the cancerous tissue along with some of the surrounding healthy tissue. Your surgeon may recommend this procedure if you have a small tumor.

People with larger tumors may undergo chemotherapy to shrink the tumor and then have breast-conserving surgery.

Following the procedure, you have radiation therapy to destroy any remaining cancerous tissue not removed during surgery. Radiation therapy is part of the breast-conserving surgery protocol for breast cancer and reduces your risk of recurrence.


During a mastectomy, your surgeon removes the entire breast and some of the surrounding tissue. In most cases, the surgeons remove all of the breast tissue, including fat, ducts, lobules, skin, nipple, and areola.

However, your surgeon may use newer surgical techniques that spare your skin or nipple to improve appearance.

Lymph node surgery

The surgeons at Surgical Specialists of Greater NY may also perform surgery to remove nearby lymph nodes to see if the cancer has spread.

Your surgeon may also talk to you about breast reconstruction surgery following your breast surgery. Plastic surgeons perform breast reconstruction surgery, which may occur on the same day as your breast surgery or at another time.

What happens after breast surgery?

The surgeons at Surgical Specialists of Greater NY love practicing medicine and view surgery as only one of the tools they use to help their patients. After breast surgery, your surgeon schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor health and ensure you remain in remission.

Call Surgical Specialists of Greater NY or schedule a consultation online today.